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Repeat Offender – “Shut your trap”

What’s with NBA players and their mouth guards? This season more than ever I have noticed those mouth guards spending more time everywhere but in the mouth -that is straight NASTY! Above are some of the repeat offenders and on any given night you will find them chewing on the the mouth guard, tucking them in their socks, behind their ears, into their headbands, and even just holding them in the palm of their hand. The minute the whistle blows, out pops the saliva filled rubber/plastic piece… is there no mouth guard etiquette in effect? Players hold them in their hands, then high-five other players with no concern of all the germs and nastiness they pass on. Gerald Wallace might not have so many concussions if his mouth guard was actually in his mouth, most times I see it half hanging out as he is driving to the bucket. Shaq treats his like a piece of candy and he goes with the popular red and white guard that looks like he chewing on gummy worms through the night. Earlier this year Steve Nash found Chris Bosh’s mouth guard on the court and during a play picked it up and handed it back to him without flinching only to check his hands a minute later… those same hands that he has licked over 20 times in the game already and slicked his hair with!