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Raptor Rant – Ball is in my court…

Forget about playoff talk  and end of year awards, as a Raptors season ticket holder it’s that time of year again where I evaluate my ROI and wonder… will it get better? Multiple E-Mails and Phone calls from my account rep triggered off this open response to MLSE and the Toronto Raptors.

The Toronto Raptors are a business first and foremost and I understand that… my issue here is you need to keep your “investors” happy in order for them to keep funding your operation. I have been a STH for 8 seasons and hope to be again next year but all the flashbacks of the ’05-’06 season are making the decision much harder. I need a clearer idea on my return on investment before I fork out another 11 grand towards your product. I have heard your sales pitch one too many times and I need some answers before we move forward with this union

  • You want the Fans to get behind your team, you want to reach out to a National audience, you want to fill your arena and get us to buy your $4 Cokes… What are you going to do that should make me believe next season will be any better?
  • This year you don’t have the playoffs to use as a reason for us to give you our money in March you really think being in a lottery for a free TV is enough to lure me to re-up this early?
  • How do you want me to maintain my loyalty to the team when you as an organization made a deal that eventually led to me not being able to watch 1/3 of the Raptor games?
  • A discount on tickets is not going to cut it… what happened to all the other perks?
  • As a team 9th in attendance and in the top tier when it comes to renewal rates do you not have money in the bank to provide us with real half-time entertainment anymore? Watching two guys miss dunk after dunk is only amusing the first time around…

Bottom line, I am emotionally invested in this team, but there comes a time when you have to separate emotions as a wise investor would and re-evaluate your position. For now the ball is in my court and I don’t appreciate being hounded by you every March when come October you are already coming up with excuses for why the season was a disappointment.

Heels on Hardwood

PS: I spent the first 10 games of the season staring up at that HD setup you boasted about all summer long, unfortunately it was not in awe that I looked at it each time but rather I kept checking to see when it would actually work!!!