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Number Crunchin’ – How the “EAST” was won

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The Cleveland Cavaliers clinched a playoff spot tonight with a record of 48-12 and still one month left in the regular season. The way this team is playing right now no team has a chance against them in a 7 … Continue reading

The “IF” Factor – #3

Ubuntu, Crazed Has-Been Point Guard, Buzzer-beating Hero, Tom Heinsohn, Jesus Shuttlesworth, MIP, Post Concussion Syndrome victim and NO KG, are just some of the things that come to mind when talking ’bout the Nets v/s Celtics game tonight; but here are my “IF” factors!



IF” Devin Harris can pull off another crazy shot
IF” Vince Carter can get through the game without “vincing
IF” Starbury gets more than 15 minutes of non garbage  court time

… The New Jersey Nets will win this game



IF” Rondo can turn on the jets and break Harris’ Guinness World Record
IF” Tom Heinsohn can hold off on the Homerism (NJ is his hometown)
IF” Starbury plays more than 15 minutes of mostly garbage time

… The Boston Celtics will win this game