Struttin’ my stuff

I am passing on the conventional “About Me” page and throwing out 25 facts about me and my love for sports. (following suit on that thing going around on Facebook)

#1 – The first time I heard of Micheal Jordan was when I watched “Come Fly with Me”
#2 – I grew up watching Cricket but can’t sit through an entire match now
#3 – Each of my siblings play and have won Golf Tournaments yet the furthest I made it is the driving range
#4 – My entire family loves sports but the only time we watch together is when the Maple Leafs are on
#5 – I played every sport in High School including some which I have never heard of since (Netball?? Throwball??)
#6 – I represented my country on the women’s Softball team in a bid to gain an Olympic berth
#7 – I went to a University where the only sport was naked sculpting (RISD) and there began my life as a FAN
#8 – I watched my first NBA game in 1995 – Due to growing up with 1 TV channel I missed out on a lot!!
#9 – My oldest memory as an NBA fan is the Jazz / Bulls series
#10– I watched my first Superbowl in 1996!!! At the time was more excited about the special “Friends” episode
#11 – I have spent over 365 days attending live sporting events since I moved to North America
#12 – I have converted approximately 25 people in my life into NBA fans
#13 – Was a Bulls fan by default until I moved to Canada and now am a die hard Raptor fan
#14 – Been a season ticket holder for 8 years and my passion for basketball grows every day
#15 – I cried when Vince Carter clanked the final shot in the Raps / Sixers series
#16 – I lived 20 minutes from Gillette Stadium but never became a New England Patriots fan
#17 – I am a die hard Philadelphia Eagles fan and took a road trip to watch them in the last NFC Championship game at “The Vet”
#18 – I try to catch the Raptors on the road as often as possible and my favorite was Staples last year
#19 – I believe the Raptors will win a championship before the Leafs win a Stanley Cup
#20 – I have traveled as far as London, England for a week to catch a game
#21 – I have broken over 10 TV remotes while watching sports 😦
#22 – My 5 year goal: Catch 1 Superbowl, 1 NBA All-Star game, 1 NBA Finals game, 1 Olympics and 1 FIFA wold cup match
#23 – I feel like I was missing out on life without any access to sports outside of cricket for the first 17 years of my life
#24 – I love to gamble! Sports betting, Poker, Craps, Black Jack name it and I am game
#25 – To this day no one understands my obsession with sports but ME and I hate justifying it – CHICKS DIG SPORTS!!

3 responses to “Struttin’ my stuff

  1. Peter Della Penna

    #5 Ha! Netball. Classic.

    #16 Smart move to avoid Belicheat. Although I’m slightly disappointed upon reading #17. G-MEN ALL THE WAY!

    #23 was like Deja Vu for me, in reverse. On my site, I’ve published my journals I kept from when I first went to Australia and discovered cricket. In part of this one entry I put, “I feel like I’ve been missing out for the first 20 years and 10 months of my life and that the last 2 months have been a whirlwind game of catchup.”

  2. “I believe the Raptors will win a championship before the Leafs win a Stanley Cup.” – wow, that’d be something wouldn’t it? I sure hope so 🙂

  3. Ive been looking for a chick who digs sports!!! Have you seen this
    haha, its amazing!

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