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Change of Scenery – *We Moved*

This blog has moved to its new permanent address – Heels on Hardwood

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Raptor Report: Heels on the Airwaves

radioI haven’t had a chance to put out my thoughts on the Jarrett Jack signing but plan to get to that sometime today. I did though, get a chance to be a guest on the Fan590 last night to talk about the Raptors.

Firstly, I would like to thank Zack Cooper (@ZCooperstown) for having me as a guest on his show. He was a great host and led me into the questions with ease. We got a chance to cover everything from Summer League to Jarrett Jack and his impact on Bosh staying past next season.

The segment aired while most of Toronto was asleep so for those who missed it you can listen to it right here. Please excuse my rookie mistakes – This is my first time doing anything of the sort. Gotta admit, I was nervous going into it but had a blast and hope to get an opportunity to do more of these in the future.


Pause… Rewind… Forward… Play!

pause Yep… I did it! I took a month long vacation, went halfway across the world to Dubai, attended a wedding, partied and spent time with the family. All that was exhausting so I flew back to join my sister for a week in the Bahamas. Now that most of you are hating on me and the others are green with envy, lemme tell you 15 hour flights and 10 hour time differences are no joke. I feel like 2 weeks of the past month have been spent dealing with jet lag!

rewind While away, I managed to catch all of 1 playoff game on TV and so lets just rewind to the first round with a quick recap done in haiku’s

forward That aforementioned jet lag interfered in my getting this post up before the 2nd round started. I made my predictions earlier and will go with them even though some of my picks look like long shots after watching game 1’s from all the series.
Cavs-Hawks: The Cav’s got 9 full days of rest between series and some may have thought they will come out sluggish. That was not the case as coming in on the heels of winning the MVP trophy Lebron James picked up where he left off as the Cav’s destroyed the Hawks in game 1. I don’t see this opponent as being much of a threat to the Cav’s and though the Hawks will probably pull one home game out I say this one will be done in 5 giving the Cav’s more time to rest up and heal up.
Celtic’s-Magic: The Magic had some tough breaks in the 1st round losing Courtney Lee and then Dwight to a 1 game suspension but otherwise came out well considering the way they had ended the season. The C’s had to dig deep just to escape the first round and looking at the match ups I don’t see them having an answer for both Hedo and Shard at the same time. They have had to adopt an offensive mentality since the loss of KG and I don’t see them beating the Magic in a 7 game series with that strategy. I call the Magic in 6
Lakers-Rockets: Kobe Bryant wants another crack at it and he has a full supporting cast to get him to the finals. Standing in the way are the Tmac-less Rockets who advanced to the 2nd round for the first time since the Yao Ming/TMac era began. The Rockets are playing well and have gotten excellent contributions from Sophmore Guard Brooks and veteran Ron Artest but this is not their year. The Lakers have had a phenomenal year and though the Rockets should prove a tough opponent, the Lakers should be able to take the series in 6.
Nuggets-Mav’s: Carmelo Anthony has done it! He was quickly falling into the T-Mac category of guys who never made it out of the 1st round but this year is different. Nene is playing out of his mind and for the first time in a long time the Nuggets are all healthy not to mention they have Mr. Bigshot on their side now. The Mav’s looked good in the first round playing the shorthanded Spurs but are probably too old and too slow for Denver. Dirk needs a better supporting cast so for now I say Nuggets in 6

play That should get us back to speed… returning tomorrow will be my number crunching post and I begin recapping the 2008-09 season. LETS GO!!!

Jetlag – A Survival Kit for the travelling NBA Fan

As some of you know, I am leaving for a couple of weeks today and heading off to Dubai. This past January, I was in a similar situation and mad as hell that I was missing the NFL Playoffs. They have 8 sports channels that run 24 hrs and 7 of them were showing soccer when finally I stumbled upon the NFL game, only it was being called in Arabic with some guy screaming “YALLAAAA TUCHDAAAN”.

I hate that I am going to be away for the final part of the NBA season where its all about playoff positions or ping pong balls, but this time I am going prepared! Here is my Survival Kit for the next 2 1/2 weeks

  • Set up iTunes subscriptions for “The Basketball Jones” – If there is only one thing you can make time for, this should be at the top of your list. An added bonus to the podcast is the awesome soundtrack laid down by JD
  • Bookmark these blogs for game recaps : Ball Don’t LieTalkhoopsSlamonline – These guys got game recaps on lockdown so you will never have to read another AP story again.
  • Set up a twitter account and follow the best NBA Tweeps who have taken over the “Twitterverse” (Some good lists of people to follow: List 1 List 2 List 3)
  • Subscribe to NBA LP Broadband and if you are too cheap or simply too lazy (like moi) you can always catch games here or here
  • Favorite the NBA TV Youtube channel to catch all the game highlights
  • Check in on Elie Seckbach who brings the fiyah in candid videos with players in the League.
  • Basketbawful’s Worst of the Night tells it like it is.. the bad the badder and the baddest!
  • If you feel the need to vent with some rabid fans head over to the RealGM forums (Don’t blame me if you hate your team by the end of the experience!)
  • Install some apps on your phone (Do not blame me for data charges!) to keep you updated with live scores – iPhone: Sportstap & Score Mobile – Blackberry: Viigo

On the Blog front: I doub’t I will get much time to write but I do plan to keep this place updated by running a photo series of my adventures in trying to find the perfect spot to catch NBA games – From Hotel Lobbies to TGIF’s


Most people know me as Nat that chick who knows a whole lot about sports but we can’t figure out what she does…. It doesn’t really matter what i do… fact is I used to blog about sports way back at a time when there was no Deadspin, no Basketball Jones and all the blogs were “independent“. The game has changed now and I by no means am ready for it but just needed to go back to writing about something I love. In the past 2 years life happened to me and took over everything. This blog is me taking back control of my life one step at a time.

you can also find me rambling about random ish on “Twitter