Raptor Rave – Air Canada DeThroned

Jason DeCrow/Associated Press

Jason DeCrow/Associated Press

With the 9th pick in the 2009 NBA draft the Toronto Raptors selected DeMar DeRozan.

Looking back at a sub-par draft track record, I think the team got it right this time. I haven’t been this happy with a Raptor draft pick since Chris Bosh and it’s only fitting going forward, a new category on HoH is created called “Raptor Rave”

It is no secret that since the departure of Vince Carter, the Raptors have been hurting at the wing position. The lack of scoring and a player who can create his own shot has been an ailment being treated by weak band-aids for temporary fixes. The selection of DeRozan finally gives the team a legitimate player who can develop into a version of the man they called Air Canada. On a day when the original Air Canada was sent home (traded to Orlando), DeMar comes into Toronto with a lot to live up to. Vince Carter put Toronto on the map, dunked his way to a max contract and whined his way out of town.

Coming out of a weak draft class, DeRozan has all the coveted attributes – Upside, Athleticism & Raw Potential. It will now be up to him to work through the summer, nurture his skills and come into the season vying for a starting job.

Shortly after being drafted, DeRozan hopped onto twitter and sent out this message: DeMar_DeRozanToronto here I come. Air Canadas back.

He may want to rethink using that name though, since the mention of it brings back a sour taste into the mouths of Raptor fans. I am all for someone taking over that nickname and putting Vince Carter in the past but it would be nice to give the kid a name of his own. With no Chuck Swirsky around, its up to the fans to come up with something before Matt Devlin comes up with a sorry ass nickname (see: J Killa).

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3 responses to “Raptor Rave – Air Canada DeThroned

  1. So true about the Delvin post…

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  3. “Vince Carter put Toronto on the map, dunked his way to a max contract and whined his way out of town.” – great line to sum it up

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