Done with Dinneyland…. For Now


Disneyland 2 – Disney World 0

Courtney Lee may have missed the game winning shot for the Magic to steal home court but the story of the game was written with all the shots the Magic didn’t get to take, courtesy of the 20 turnovers they accumulated in game 2. They improved statistically in every category from game 1 but my eyes kept going back to that number 20.

Post game, Coach Stan Van Gundy couldn’t look past that number either – “If the formula was 20 turnovers and 41 percent shooting, it’s not a very good formula.”

Coming off a crushing 25-point defeat, the Magic would have liked a better start to game 2. Luckily for them, the Lakers were in the same position to start this one as we witnessed a horrible display of basketball through the first 12 minutes of the game. With shooting percentages under 30% for both teams this situation favored the Magic. They came out in the second half with energy and their 3 headed monster got rolling. Some questionable coaching decisions (J.J. Redick with crunch time minutes in an NBA final?) still left them in a position to win the game. Going into the 4th with a lead and Dwight on the court with only 2 fouls, Orlando had done a pretty good job of making up for the turnovers but then there was Kobe. Staring them down, not as vocal as he had been in game 1, but everyone in that arena knows that the 4th quarter is his. Coming off a NBA finals personal scoring high (40pts) Kobe got in the drivers seat and went to work. A block and a missed opportunity took us to overtime. Going into the extra frame, momentum had clearly shifted. 7 points from Pau Gasol in OT essentially sealed the fate of the Magic.

The Magic may be heading home down 0-2 in the series but this is far from over. Home cooking has been good to them this post season but they are faced with a human obstacle – Kobe Bryant. He is a man on a mission right now and if Orlando wants to go back to Disneyland they are going to have to execute or else they may lose their season pass to the Magic Kingdom – Until next year.


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