NBA Withdrawal: 10 Paperbacks for the Basketball Fan

FreeDarko_CoverBuyDay 2 of NBA Withdrawal brought you my top 10 basketball movies so I found it fitting to follow that up with a list of books.

I love to read and but there is just never enough time to read all the books I want to. Over the years I have tried to read as many basketball books that I have stumbled upon or have been recommended to me and I can’t get enough! I like the biographies but sometimes they feel too forced, I love the fiction works that lead me to feel that I have interacted with the characters on the court but most of all, I love the books that cover the business of the game, the relationships between player & coaches and the life of these men outside the confines of a 94′ hardwood floor.

bookblog1 Seven Seconds or Less (Jack McCullum): A year behind the bench of the “Run ‘n Gun” Phoenix Suns – If you didn’t love them already you will after you read this.

bookblog2 The Macrophenomenal Pro Basketball Almanac (FreeDarko) A game changer when it comes to sports books – A true almanac for the basketball fan supported by phenomenal illustrations

bookblog3 The Breaks of the Game (David Halberstam): The first basketball book I ever read and I keep going back to it. Its about the ’79 Blazers but its more than just basketball… its about the life that comes with

bookblog4 The Last Season (Phil Jackson): Coming from someone who has managed the ego’s of some of the best to ever play the game this book is filled with wit and wisdom.

bookblog5 The Inside Game (Wayne Embry): I was hesitant to read this at first but came out pleasantly surprised  – 40 years of experience in an NBA front office…Imagine the stories!

bookblog6 The Last Shot (Darcy Frey): On Coney Island – Basketball is Life. A heart wrenching non-fiction book about a group of high school basketball players… Oh yeah, Stephon Marbury was one of them.

bookblog7 Taking Shots (Keith Glass): A different perspective, looking at the league through the eyes of an agent its full of sarcasm and it has a foreword by Tony Kornheiser which makes it ohh so much better.

bookblog8When Nothing Else Matters (Michael Leahy): An account of Jordan’s final years playing for the Wizards and my favorite of all the books written about him.

bookblog9 Season on the Brink (John Feinstein): Indiana- Synonymous with Basketball & Bob Knight, Feinstein spent year amongst both, giving a graphic account of college ball and the drama that surrounds it.

bookblog10 Can I Keep My Jersey? (Paul Shirley): From Baller to Blogger to Buthor, Paul Shirley may remembered more for this funny, honest biography than his jump shot.

Honorable Mentions: Heaven Is a Playground, Shaq Talks Back, Keepin’ It Real, Foul Lines, The Fab Five: Basketball Trash Talk the American Dream

Any recommendations for other good reads would be much appreciated 🙂



7 responses to “NBA Withdrawal: 10 Paperbacks for the Basketball Fan

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  4. I live in edmonton,ab and i am looking for some advice on the best online service for ordering books. The only one i am slightly familiar of is amazon, What do you use personally?
    Likewise, i want to read as many basketball books as possible, so far the only book i’ve gotten through just so happens to be #1 on your list. Those suns sure were something.


    • I tend to use Amazon or walk into my local Chapters store. If you liked 7 seconds or less you should pick up “The Last Season” may be a good stepping stone towards trying to take in some more basketball books

      • Simon Says

        alright thanks. i’ll take a look into the local route. i was mainly trying to avoid the 12.99 or w/e the costs are of int. shipping.
        is that not were the zen master labels kobe “uncoachable”??

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