NBA Withdrawal: 10 people to follow on Twitter during the Playoffs

nba-twit Twitter has changed the way I watch basketball games and I didn’t realize how much until twitter decided to fail whale during a playoff game a couple of weeks back. This new outlet has become synonymous with the NBA with everyone from the the league, to analyst’s, to players and fans on board making it for a very entertaining place as an NBA fan. On nights when Reggie Miller is calling games I tend to use the mute button through the games and enjoy the commentary provided by people on twitter and it has made for some of the most entertaining basketball in years (it helps too that each of the series’ have provided for some heart attack moments) There are tons of great people to follow on twitter but this list is cut down to 10 people who are “must follows” for the playoffs (and beyond of course) some provide wit, some provide play by play and others give you the stuff you wont catch on TV!

twit1@russbengtson Pure JOKES… He can make a snooze fest 30 point blowout feel like the game of the week.

twit2@stackmack of SLAM fame, Holly has a weakness for Lamar Odom and was sad to see Lebron gone fishin’.

twit3@courtside The second lady on my list, she blogs over at NBA’s Finest and loves herself some JR Smith!

twit4@thenolookpass Rey, a Laker fan blogs at The No Look Pass. When not talkin ball you may see him tweeting ’bout karaoke nights

twit5@the_tigercub The third lady on my list and she knows her ball. Kat has recently started a blog called Foot on the Line

twit6@adamcbest Adam is the senior editor over at Fansided and thinks the Lakers are going to win it all.

twit7@HPbasketball Bringing you play by play for the times when you can’t get near a tv. (blog: Hardwood Paroxysm)

twit8@ticktock6 Sarah likes to pre-drink before tip-off and brings the entertainment all game long (blogs at Hornets Hype with @mW_ )

twit9@docfunk The man with the one liners… sad that I only recently found him on twitter.

twit10@ArashMarkazi Having credentials from SI, he is at the games giving you the as-not-seen-on-TV goodness


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