NBA Withdrawal: 10 Blogs to add to your RSS reader

With no game 7’s to thrill us in the conference finals of the NBA Playoffs, Basketball fans are going through major withdrawal symptoms and Thursday can’t come soon enough! Here at Heels on Hardwood I am running 2-a-days bringing you a listmania feature that should keep you entertained for the times in between games. (List #1: 10 people you should followon twitter during the NBA playoffs) Coming tomorrow 10 must watch basketball movies and 10 must read basketball books.

If you are a fan of the game I am sure your RSS reader is locked and loaded with the main blogs like True Hoop, Ball Don’t Lie and Fanhouse but there are some that you may not have heard of and you are missing out. The following is a list of some of my hidden gems (they may not be so hidden but I like the way that sounds … Okay?? Thanks!)

blog-1Talk Hoops Zach has been mentioned here before for his game recaps. The regular season is over but he keeps rolling out some great posts. Check out his most recent post pondering upcoming NBA retirements

blog-2Both Teams Played Hard Jared would take Bird over Magic every time,  he would donate both kidneys to Chris Paul and his daily “All the News, Fit to Six” post is one of my favorites

blog-3A Stern Warning He may not reside on this continent, but that hasn’t stopped Mookie from waking up at odd hours to catch games. He blogs about things old and new- Read his take on NBA age limits

blog-4The Hoop Doctors The site is filled with videos, humor and news from around the league all written by writers who get the title of Dr! Check out one of their latest on the Lebron /Kobe puppetry

blog-5NBA Musings Michelle is a hardcore Celtics fan, she loves Craig Sager’s suits & even though her team went fishing a couple weeks back she keeps bringing the hilarity – Nuggets going fishin’

blog-6The 5th Corner Probably the most intensive blog I have seen dedicated to a single university, a Tar Heels blog that follows players right through to the majors with a  “Heels in the League” feature.

blog-7The Baseline A Sporting News blog, Pulitzer writing, run by some of the best in the biz giving you their take on the association – Check out Shoals’s take on “Is Varejao a Sign of Whats to Come?

blog-8DinoNation Blog A fellow Raptor fan, James interviews Bloggers, beat writers and other NBA personalities. He recently did a great entry called Round Ball Review- Puppets Suck Edition

blog-9NESW Sports They say a picture says a thousand words but here we have Video evidence! One of the best sports video sites, Ethan updates it multiple times a day with great finds like this

blog-10NBA Noise Stu is a Trailblazers fan (and what a great time it is to be one) he covers the league and is running a 40 Posts in 40 Nights feature through the playoffs.


4 responses to “NBA Withdrawal: 10 Blogs to add to your RSS reader

  1. On behalf of the animated crew of the Round Ball Review I want to thank you for giving them some love. In case this is the first time some people have checked them out I should let you know a couple of thing.

    First off I was given the site that creates them by Scott Carefoot of Raptor Blog. I did not want to do it without his blessing. He had used the program to do his own thing. Second the Round Ball Review is actually a take off from a radio segment I was a part of on a Sports Show called Jock Talk. The main guys of the round ball review are named after myself( J.B Superstar) which was my nickname at that station and the guy who did the segment with me who was name Joe and his last name began with G. Hence for the funny word play of (Joey G) who is not on the top of my Favourite Raptors list. I have done a bunch of these and people have enjoyed them so I have keep the bit going. That and the site that makes them is FREE to use.

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  4. If you like these blogs check out

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