Number Crunchin’ – Method to the Madness

83bigStats and ways to evaluate the performance of a player have been evolving every since records were kept. Enter John Hollinger who has taken NBA statistics to a whole new level and not always do they tell an accurate story. First there was PER, then the Daily Power Rankings and two days ago we were introduced to VA (Value Added). This new stat is supposed to take into consideration the amount of time the player is on the court to measure his effectiveness not just by quality but also quantity. I like looking up crazy stats, I like finding anomalies, but Hollinger is pushing it once again coming up with another formula that he justifies with an arbitrary constant that he can’t break down. He got bashed on PER because players who played 15 minutes of garbage time had a better numbers than a starter, now with VA, his numbers are trying to tell us that stats say Wade brings 3 times more wins to the Heat than Charlie Villanueva brings the Bucks. I am not convinced, are you?

The Night in Numbers: The TNT rule was in full effect as on this night the League went 3 for 3 on blowouts!

9 Game losing streak in Auburn Hills was snapped as the Lakers, led by Kobe’s 30-8-7, were able to put away the pistons 92-77
20-0 Run by the Lakers to end the 3rd sealed the fate of the shorthanded Pistons who got a solid night from Will Bynum – career high in Points (25) and Assists (11)
13 of John Salmons 27 Points came in the 3rd Quarter which helped the Bulls grab the game by the horns and hand the heat their 2nd straight loss.
4 Double-double’s in the last 5 games for Tyrus Thomas who has found some consistency with his role on this Bulls team that has won 6 of their last 7 games.
6 game win streak came to an end for the Suns, they allowed the Blazers to shoot 60% from the floor and were stuck playing catch up through most of the game.
12 Rebounds to go along with a season high 29 Points for LaMarcus Aldridge as he notched his team leading 18th double-double in the win.

Bracket Breakdown: 3 for 4 on yesterdays picks…. a lot better than my bracket was going! The early games were a snoozefest – Pitt barely squeaked out the win and UConn didn’t really need Thabeet’s 15-15 for the win over Purdue. The late games didn’t disappoint though – Mizzou brought it right from tip, never really giving Memphis a chance to settle in and in Boston, Barack knew whats up as Villanova jumped on the Blue Devils sending them packing for the season. There are 4 more open spots to round out the Elite 8 and Friday’s games may have a few upsets in store.
My Picks: Louisville over Arizona, Syracuse over Oklahoma, Michigan St over Kansas, North Carolina over Gonzaga

2 responses to “Number Crunchin’ – Method to the Madness

  1. I have never been a huge stats guy. I am when forced to be for Fantasy leagues and what not. Is there a magic formula that tells us all the answers? I hope not because sports to me is a human experience and it is about feel sometimes more than stats. I think stats support the feeling not feelings supporting the stats.

    • I hear you on the subject. I do believe numbers can tell a big story in a players game but the intangibles cannot be forced into a formula. Hollinger’s “theories” look fancy but they cant account for the human element. (ie: there are always certain games players get more riled up for and that can account for production on given nights)

      When it comes to fantasy sports its a whole different game the criteria to win is clear cut and not all fantasy numbers reflect the players actual impact on his team. (shawn marion= great fantasy player not so great when it comes to getting wins as of late)

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