Number Crunchin’ – Double Dribble

dribble2An 18 Hour dribble Marathon was taking place while the Phoenix Suns were engaged in a must win game v/s The Utah Jazz. 25 contestants started the day at 6 AM and last man standing would get to go on a road trip with the suns next season. This is just one of the many ways the Phoenix Suns have grabbed the attention of their fans. They already dominate twitter – with a representative from every branch of the organization. The team held a “Tweetup” night offering Suns tweepers special ticket prices and the opportunity to mingle before the game with an appearance by @the_real_shaq. They were also one of the first teams to create a social network for their fans and have creatively managed to keep everyone talking about all things Suns. Other NBA teams need to take a look at the model the Suns are working with because with the economy the way it is “Entertainment” is usually pretty low on a persons list compared to bills and mortgages. There are tons of  tools that the internet and media have to offer to keep fans interested in the team even if they can’t make it to the games and the Suns have used them brilliantly. It helps that the team is winning but this connection they have been able to make with the fans builds a team loyalty that some of the other teams in the association would benefit from.

The Night in Numbers: (I lost my original post so here is a compressed version)
40 FT’s taken by the Raptors compared to only 9 by the Bucks as the raps win back to back for the first time since Feb 22nd
2 point win for the Wizards as they got to play spoiler dropping the Bobcat’s 2 1/2 games back of 8th in the East.
5th Straight 20+ point game for Thad Young as he lead the Sixers to a win over the Wolves
2 Separate runs of 11-0 and 8-0 in the last 8 min of the Heat/Pacers game helped Indiana come out with a 2 point win (thnx @BTPH)
2 Rebounds shy of a triple double for Lebron – seems we talk about one of these every night with him now!
25 Shots to get 42 Points and 10 assists for Tony Parker as he continues to lead the Spurs team in a much needed win against the Hawks who managed to clinch a 2nd straight playoff birth in the loss
1 OT was needed to settle the shootout where the Knicks and Clippers both shot over 55% – Mike Taylor of dunking fame went off for a career high 35pts and 8rbs to help the Clippers get the W @MSG
2 Game suspension for Nene – Luckily it didn’t hurt the Nuggets as they were able to handle the Hornets just fine on this night.
8th 20-20 night this season for Dwight Howard as the Magic were able to hold the last minute push by the Celtics to get the win
3 Players for the Mavericks scored 20+ in a win over GS who were playing on a back to back
13 players combined in double figures but the suns came up big when it mattered getting a huge night again from grant hill who had 26

Bracket Breakdown: This has to be the only time of year when Thursday’s are my favorite day of the week! Its time to dance again and we have 4 games on tap tonight. This year has been far from dramatic as only a 5th seed and 12th seed managed to squeak into the sweet 16 -If you picked a whole lot of upsets your bracket is probably totally busted. I happen to be one of those people so I figured why not make some picks for tonight to keep this fun!
UConn over PurduePitt over XavierMizzou over MemphisDuke over Nova

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