Number Crunchin’ – Do the Right Thing!

babymama Chris Bosh turned 25 today and the media had a birthday present waiting for him. Early today the news leaked of his pending lawsuit accusing him of being a deadbeat dad and from there out media and blogs took over. I am at every game and couldn’t help but notice Allison was missing on the sidelines this season where she was known to garner attention, I had also noticed a large rock on her finger last season and mentioned it to a friend. I am sure there will be a lot of he said – she said to follow but as we know there is always 2 sides to the story and somewhere in there you will find the truth. Over the past 2 years CB4 has taken it upon himself to create an image and market himself as a geeky, goofy likable guy. He blogs, he makes home videos and tweets but this mess is something he is better off keeping private. I am not going to sit here and make assumptions but if said allegations are true I just hope he takes Russell Peters advice…”BE A MAN… DO THE RIGHT THING!”

The Night in Numbers:

6 players from both teams scored in double digits, as the thunder won the Assist, Rebound and FT categories but still managed to lose by 18 to the Lakers
2 Blocks for Thabo Sefolosha on Kobe Bryant – Thabo has a story to tell his grandchildren while Kobe will have forgotten his name by tomorrow (or maybe he never knew it at all)
1 point shy of free Big Mac’s for the fans @ the United Center as they booed the Bulls in a 99-91 win over the Pistons who played without Sheed, RIP and AI
20 Points for Will Bynum as he scored a couple of first’s tonight – a career high and an interview on TNT to boot
26 Seconds on the clock when Roger Mason Jr. (24pts) drained the game winning shot as the Spurs squeaked out the win against the Warriors
27 points for Monta Ellis, 1 of 5 Warrior players in double figures – Don Nelson continues to play mind games as Jamal Crawford rode pine in dress clothes
13 straight home wins for the Jazz as they kept rolling, getting big games from D Will and Millsap along with 3 other players in double figures
14 FT’s attempted by the Rockets in a loss to the Jazz- Unacceptable when Yao Ming is on your team and the tallest player on the other team is a 3pt shooter!

Bracketology – NBA Style: Having March Madness withdrawals? Fear not there is some NBA action you can get in on and there is something for everyone
For the NBA FanBDL Bedlam Tournament “Where amazing happens” and “I love this game” are slogans for the NBA, this tournament is an entertaining take on the going on’s of the season.
For the FellasNBA Dance Brackets You don’t need courtside seats to get close to the cheerleaders but like march madness there is the risk of heart attacks. Ladies: You can always get in on the fun and use a different criteria to make your picks… Next team to have a cheerleader knocked up by a player?
For the LadiesHot Baller Tournament The NBA is full of eye candy and Sarah over at Hornets Hype has the breakdown… Really, I could always use some more visuals of Shirtless Rashard Lewis in my life!! Fellas: Don’t hesitate to take part this, it’s the internets and no one is judging

5 responses to “Number Crunchin’ – Do the Right Thing!

  1. what a pick up sefolosha is turning out to be. by pick up, i meant steal. and by steal, i am sending bad vibes towards colangelo for being useless…douby…seriously?

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