Number Crunchin’ – Cheers!

milking-it St. Paddy’s day came and went and along with it the NBA cashed in once again. As they have done in the past, several teams not named the Celtics donned an alternate jersey to celebrate the occasion and in turn created another way for the league to boost jersey sales. Tonight, the Bulls wore the green alternates for a match up against the Celtics – I for one am not a fan of the gimmick as I kept confusing who is who and where the game was being played. I am not knocking the league for trying capitalize on this but I can’t imagine a Raptor fan wanting to own a t-shirt with a Celtic logo on it, or a Laker fan ever being caught dead in one of these. I really wonder how profitable this whole scheme is for the teams who implement it because I am not buying what they are tryin’ to sell!

The Night in Numbers:
43 Points for Lebron as he connected on 4 three’s and contributed 15 Points in the 4th to seal the victory for the Cav’s
8-27 Combined for Rashard and Hedo hurt the Magic tonight – Stan Van Gundy obviously didn’t care as he called for Lewis to take the last shot
16 Offensive Rb’s in the game for the Hawks which was also the difference in total rebounds as the Hawks took care of the Kings
4 Game streak of 30+ points was snapped as Joe Johnson only managed to put up 20 on this night
56% From the field allowed by the Pistons as the Mavericks handed them another loss to bring their record to 33-33
4 3’s hit by Arron Afflalo which helped keep the score respectable – Dallas led by as many as 17 pts even though they were outscored by 20 in the paint.
1 team wearing Celtic green game came out with a win tonight as the Bulls got 5 players in double digit scoring led by Salmons who had 38
4:22 Minutes played by Leon Powe before he left with an injury – Being thin upfront Pierce was forced to play PF and ended the night with 37pts
24 Points for Tony Parker as he led the Spurs to victory – He has led the team in scoring for 3 straight games averaging 22 pts in March
0 Minutes for Sheldon Williams – What a life!! Earns a fat paycheck, gets to wear custom suits everyday and goes home to a C Cup
3 Straight double-double’s for Carlos Boozer as the Jazz took care of the Wizards in their first game back from a 5 game road trip
13 Shots taken by Juan Dixon to score 14 points – Who does he think he is… Mike James???
32 4th quarter points allowed by the Lakers in a loss to the Sixers –  The “Killer Instinct” was a No-Show
18 Turnovers hurt the Lakers – They controlled the boards, moved the ball and shot from the field better than the Sixers
29 Points for Monta matching a season high as the Warriors ruined Baron Davis’ homecoming – after the game @Baron_Davis thanked his fans via twitter
3 Players for the Warriors had 20+ pts including Magette who is averaging 20 ppg in the 27 games he has come off the bench

Seen Last Night:

Click image to watch video

Click image to watch video

Twitter has caused a stir in the NBA after Charlie Villanueva decided to post a tweet at halftime of the Bucks/Celtic’s game over the weekend. Today the news made it to prime time as the NBATV folks on “The Beat” discussed the infraction at length essentially believing that it should be frowned upon. I for one thought it was funny and kinda cool but to each their own… What did you think?
Action: @cv31 -“In da locker room, snuck to post my twit. We’re playing the Celtics, tie ball game at da half. Coach wants more toughness. I gotta step up,”
Reaction: “You know, (we) don’t want to blow it out of proportion,” Skiles said. “But anything that gives the impression that we’re not serious and focused at all times is not the correct way we want to go about our business. (Source)
Result: @cv31Well guys, no more halftime tweets for me – I’ll leave it at that, won’t comment on it any further. But I still got love for ya. Stay tune.

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