Number Crunchin’ – Locked Up!

busted When are these players gonna get it right? Sean Williams is a repeat offender when it comes to breaking the law and hasn’t done much to help his reputation coming out of college. This time around Sean decided to take his act into a Denver cell phone store where he caused damage and was later arrested preventing him from joining the Nets as they faced the Nuggets on this Monday night (story). The NBA has spent the last 5 years or so shedding the street image the league had attained but instances like this are not helping their cause. Guns, Sexual Harassment cases, DUI’s are headlining the NBA while other sports deal with the ‘roids. Is one situation better than the other? At this point a dress code isn’t fixing the problem, the league needs to do a better job preparing these guys about what they are representing and set some harsher penalties for this type of behavior!

The Night in Numbers:

32 Assists on 44 made field goals for the Bobcats as they got back on track and blew out the Raptors
24 Turnovers for the Raptors on a night when they shot a dismal 38% from the field – recipe for disaster
3 “Finger Wags” from Mount Mutombo in 25 minutes, as he got the start with Yao out with the flu
0-11 from the field to start the game, Ron Artest went on to score 18pts on 23 shots in a win over the Hornets
15 Minutes of floor time for Sean Marks as he was the first big of the bench for the Hornets – WHAT!!
13 Rb’s to go along with 13 Pts and 4 Blk’s for Pryzbilla as he holds down the fort while Oden is still in a suit on the sidelines.
2 Points for Rudy Fernandez as he shakes of the hurt that was laid on him by Ariza last week
54% 3 PT shooting for the Grizz the only category they beat the Blazers in en route to increasing their chances at the #1 pick in the 2009 NBA Draft
25 Points for Kevin Durant in his 2nd game back – He led the Thunder in scoring as they came up with the W against the Spurs.
1 Air ball thrown up by Tony Parker who had a chance to give the Spurs the win or take the game to overtime.
35 FG% was all the Thunder needed against a Spurs team who got little offense outside of their big 2 and shot 15% from distance.
45 3 pt shots taken in the game between the Nuggets and Nets – 47% from 3 for the Nuggets was good enough for the win
2 Players not dressed from the Nets – One due to a shoulder injury, the other was behind bars *SMH*
25 Point margin of victory was a slight redemption for the 44 point loss the Nuggets took from the Nets in their last meeting.

Bracketology – It was a rather uneventful night in the NBA so rather go with the usual seen and heard, I figured I would offer up some of the March Madness brackets you may be interested in joining

Ball Don’t Lie – Password: balldontlie
Slam – No password needed
On The DL – Password: podcast
Raptors Republic – No password needed
Raptorblog/The Score – Password:mensahbonzai

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