Raptor Rant – Ball is in my court…

Forget about playoff talk  and end of year awards, as a Raptors season ticket holder it’s that time of year again where I evaluate my ROI and wonder… will it get better? Multiple E-Mails and Phone calls from my account rep triggered off this open response to MLSE and the Toronto Raptors.

The Toronto Raptors are a business first and foremost and I understand that… my issue here is you need to keep your “investors” happy in order for them to keep funding your operation. I have been a STH for 8 seasons and hope to be again next year but all the flashbacks of the ’05-’06 season are making the decision much harder. I need a clearer idea on my return on investment before I fork out another 11 grand towards your product. I have heard your sales pitch one too many times and I need some answers before we move forward with this union

  • You want the Fans to get behind your team, you want to reach out to a National audience, you want to fill your arena and get us to buy your $4 Cokes… What are you going to do that should make me believe next season will be any better?
  • This year you don’t have the playoffs to use as a reason for us to give you our money in March you really think being in a lottery for a free TV is enough to lure me to re-up this early?
  • How do you want me to maintain my loyalty to the team when you as an organization made a deal that eventually led to me not being able to watch 1/3 of the Raptor games?
  • A discount on tickets is not going to cut it… what happened to all the other perks?
  • As a team 9th in attendance and in the top tier when it comes to renewal rates do you not have money in the bank to provide us with real half-time entertainment anymore? Watching two guys miss dunk after dunk is only amusing the first time around…

Bottom line, I am emotionally invested in this team, but there comes a time when you have to separate emotions as a wise investor would and re-evaluate your position. For now the ball is in my court and I don’t appreciate being hounded by you every March when come October you are already coming up with excuses for why the season was a disappointment.

Heels on Hardwood

PS: I spent the first 10 games of the season staring up at that HD setup you boasted about all summer long, unfortunately it was not in awe that I looked at it each time but rather I kept checking to see when it would actually work!!!

5 responses to “Raptor Rant – Ball is in my court…

  1. good on you.

    I was a season ticket holder since day one, never missing a home game. 7 years into it, I was thinking of walking away and Richard Peddie emailed and called me personally, requesting I give them a chance to turn it around. I did.

    Last year, I finally decided enough was enough, wrote a blog about it which got attention from ESPN and the Globe. When renewals came up, I forwarded the link to my rep and the response was (and I quote) “Sorry to hear you are not satisfied. Should you change your mind, please contact me in the future.” All that money, all the personal time invested, all the mocking by my friends and it resulted in that 2 sentence response.

    All those perks you speak of disappeared upon Colangelo’s arrival. STH’s used to have a couple of meet & greets, get perks in the mail, etc. Not any more. My seat location was in the top 5 costly seats in the NBA. I could see the Lakers at Staples cheaper than the Raptors at ACC. Funny thing is, I was 2 sections away from your seats.

    I took my $10,500, bought a nice home entertainment system, added TSN2 and I haven’t regretted it. The in-game presentation at ACC is a crock and all the sponsor stuff drives me insane. Could they have chosen 2 worse DJs? I still feel the mascot and dancers are underused.

    Anyway, my suggestion: save your money. Sh0uld you decide to head back in the future, you know seats will be available. You want to send a message, you keep your money…it’s all they care about.

    Keep up the great work on your blog.

  2. Scott has a good point. It’s not like there’s a lineup of people waiting for Raptors season tickets (there isn’t right?). If you leave you should have no problem buying new ones if the team looks like they have a hope in heck of turning their fortunes around.

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