Number Crunchin’ – Don’t call it a Comeback


Every year around this time in the NBA, people start talking about the yearly awards – MVP, MIP, ROY, COY and 6th Man. Year after year there are the usual suspects who are talked about for Coach of the Year and Jerry Sloan is mentioned almost every time but has come up empty when time comes to tally up the votes. This year the award is his to lose, he has done a brilliant job once again orchestrating this team that has been riddled with injuries and doesn’t boast a roster like that of the Lakers or Cleveland. Sure he is known to be a hardass, known to coach his team though each play, but he gets the job done – hell he has kept the same job for 19 years with the same team in the NBA, that in itself should seal the victory for the 4th most winningest coach in NBA history. Mike Brown, Phil Jackson, Nate McMillan and Rick Adelman should be considered but it would be a travesty if Sloan doesn’t go home with the hardware.

The Night in Numbers:

1-9 From the field was Deron Williams who still managed to total 12 assists to lead his team to victory over the Pacers – The Jazz have won 12 in row and are currently the hottest team in the NBA
7 3’s made by Troy Murphy in a losing effort as he tallied another double double and keeps impressing
71 Points combined for Larry Hughes and Krypto-Nate – @TasMelas said it best, “If Larry works in D’Antoni’s system, anyone can.”
26 Shots jacked up by Charlie Villenueva en route to 32 Points on a night when R Jeff went 3-16 from the field and the Bucks shot 28% from 3 in a loss to the Knicks
5 Players in double digit scoring for the Bobcats who are playing inspired basketball under Larry Brown – It wasn’t enough on this night at the Alamo as the Spurs defeated them by 14
34 Minutes played for Roger Mason Jr scoring 21 points on 6-18 shooting – Not bad for a guy who was at the end of the bench on a losing Raptors squad not too long ago.
16 Points for JJ Barea (WHAT!!) as the Mavericks took a very crucial game from the Suns winning by 5
62% FT shooting for Phoenix – I guess Shaq needs a sit down with Grant Hill again after going 3-7 tonight
22 Points for Jeff Green as he returned to the floor in another win for OKC – 4th win in 5 games for them all without Durant
7 Double-Doubles for Spencer Hawes as he notched one up against OKC tonight in a tough loss
32-13-11 Triple Double for Lebron James his 5th of the season as the Cav’s took down the Clippers in a nail biter
38.5% The average shooting percentage for the Cav’s and Clip’s – Yeah it was one of those!

Seen Last Night:

Z Bo actin’ a fool taking an ill advised shot as the Clippers blew a game that was theirs for about 47.5 minutes. I don’t have Video of the last shot but it made me remember a game at the ACC so for your viewing please here is another display of Zach Randolph being Zach Randolph

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