Number Crunchin’ – Baby I got your number

ROY v/s Kobe

The Lakers have won 2 of the 3 games v/s the Blazers this year but both at Staples. The Blazers have been dominant at home and have beaten the Lakers 7 games in a row with the win tonight. These two teams had a heated rivalry that had subsided but after this game one can say with conviction.. IT’S ON!!

Dwight v/s Sheed

On the same night the Magic strolled into Detroit to notch up another loss against the team that has had their number all year. Something about this match up hasn’t worked for the Magic as they are now 0-3 against the Pistons. By my account, Orlando should do everything they can to avoid meeting Detroit in the first round of the playoffs.

The Night in Numbers: There was a whole lot of craziness in the NBA tonight, I could go nuts with the numbers in lead changes and streaks and minutes played but I’ll simplify to tell the story of the night in as few as possible…

58 minutes it took the Miami Heat to take down the bulls with a buzzer beater 3 by Wade in the 2nd OT
48 points from wade who is averaging over 40 ppg over the last 7 (Wade’s Line- 48-6-12 with 4 stl)
8 3’s for Ben Gordon on his way to a 43 point night in 50 minutes
40% shooting for the Hawks and they still come out with an easy win 89-79 over the Hornets
5 rebounds and only 2 points for Tyson Chandler in 39 min- His first dud since the rescinded trade
26 Minutes played by Kwame Brown as the Pistons took down the Magic by 4 and keep rolling without Iverson
5-21 from the floor for the combination of Turkoglu, Pietrus, Alston and Reddick
33-94 the combined record of the Wizards and Wolves who battled on NBATV with the Wiz getting the W
8 points for nick Young in only 16 minutes of floor time – shouldn’t this kid be getting more burn??
0 Minutes for Sheldon Williams – He cant crack the rotation of a team that’s 18-45??
57% from the FT line were the Rockets but still managed to pull out a road win against the Nuggets
2 players for the rockets fouled out (Yao and Scola) but it didn’t help out the Nuggets
7 wins in a row for the Blazers making them 27-5 at home in a blowout win against the Lakers
2.2 seconds left in the 3rd quarter when Rudy Fernandez went down hard on a reckless foul by Ariza (video)
29 shots taken by Kobe only converting on 11 en route to a 26 point game

Seen Last Night: There are nights like tonight where I am watching the games and sit in awe of the pure talent in the NBA. Wade has been on fire these past few weeks and it was only fitting that he come through on the game winning shot against the Bulls.

One response to “Number Crunchin’ – Baby I got your number

  1. Thanks for the post Nat.

    The Blazers are going to be a tough matchup for whoever they face in the first round, but it’s hard to believe that they’ll go beyond the first round. Whatever the case, they’ve set themselves up to be the team of the future with all of the talent they’ve stockpiled the last 5 years.

    Oh … and watching D-Wade this season is reminding me just how much I love this game.

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