Raptor Rant: Clutchness revisited


As you know by now I am all about the numbers. I know they don’t tell the whole story but you can get a pretty good idea how the game is going to go if you just look at the numbers… history don’t lie!

The Toronto Raptors have yet to find a player since Vince Carter who can have the ball at the end of games and you know he is going to make something happen. According to 82games Kobe Bryant is the most clutch player in the NBA and one could probably guess that without looking at the stats. This season we have seen the most unlikely players step up to take the big shots (Roger Mason Jr. WHAT!!) yet the Raptors turn to Bosh and time and time again he comes up empty. Today’s game against the Jazz was just another example when the Raptors were up 1 late in the 4th I turned to my friend and said “now its time for Bosh to blow the game.”

Thing is I am not just trying to point out to game winning shots but the little things like boxing out to get rebounds, knowing time and score, making the right pass or simply knowing to call a timeout. CB4’s hands turn to butter and all signs of having a basketball IQ seem to disappear at the 5 minute mark of the 4th. The stats rank him 30th behind players like Al Jefferson, Danny Granger and even his long lost best friend T.J Ford. When it comes to game winning shots bosh doesn’t even make the cut going 3-15, but with 8-8 from the line, 2 assists, 0 turnovers (albeit the Raptors haven’t been in a position to take too many of those this season so the sample size is small).

I understand that on most teams you don’t have the C or PF taking the last shot so its unfair to compare him to many on those stat sheets, but when the team has been built around him the least he can do is give his teammates a chance to come through when he can’t. Sometimes its about the little things, Chris Bosh has been in the NBA 6 years and he still remains the anti-Jordan when it comes to the last 5 minutes of the game.

Clutch stats from 82games.com
Game winning shot stats from 82games.com

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