Number Crunchin’ – Out with the old… In with the new

The Future

The Future

Last night NBA fans were treated to a match up of a pair of future Hall of Fame point guards. Jason Kidd with his 10,000 + assists went head to head with Chris Paul who has taken the reins as the best point guard in the game. They two share similarities in their game, both have great court vision, and even though Kidd has lost his legs he had solid jumper in his prime.

The Legend

The Legend

What separates them is the athleticism – CP3 has great body control and plays with the toughness of a forward yet has the patience to create the right play for every teammate. In a live blog with Tas Melas (The Basketball Jones) I mentioned that Paul has what was once referred to as the Steve Nash effect – he makes all his teammates look good and on any given night can make an average player look like an All-Star. Seeing him on the court playing alongside Tyson Chandler, throwing up his infamous “oops” kept me smiling through the entire game – all was right in the world again for those 2+ hours and the future of the NBA is in some great hands.

The Night in Numbers

16 points was the margin of victory in both games – “The NBA: Where Blowouts Happen”
7.5 Assists to turnovers for CP3 as his team went on to take down the Mavericks
23% From 3 point land were the Mav’s on a night when they needed them the most
1 Angry looking owner – That speech Cuban gave didn’t do much I guess
38 Points for Melo coming back after a 1 game team imposed suspension in a win over the Blazers
9 FT’s missed by the Blazers on a night when the FT line was the only category they had an advantage in

Seen Last Night
Chris Paul at his best posting a line of 27-4-15 with just 2 Turnovers. The video below speaks for itself…

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  1. just found your blog, good stuff here.

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