Number Crunchin’ – How the “EAST” was won


The Cleveland Cavaliers clinched a playoff spot tonight with a record of 48-12 and still one month left in the regular season. The way this team is playing right now no team has a chance against them in a 7 game series. Lebron has been hitting from 3 at a clip of 50% over the last 10 games (27 of 54), Delonte West and Mo Williams are the perfect fit to play along side ‘Bron. The Cav’s finally have enough of a supporting cast to be a threat even when LBJ is being shut out of the scoring category. The weakness in scoring upfront may hurt them but Joe Smith is a big upgrade on offense over Big Ben and Varejao and Hickson are doing just enough to keep the defense honest.  With KG sidelined there is no way Boston is catching them and the Cav’s should cruise through with home court throughout the playoffs in the east. (@skeets)

The Night in Numbers:

48-12 Cavs record as they clinch a playoff spot with one month left to go!
8 Steals for Delonte West, a career high for him, as the Cav’s easily took down the Bucks.
16 Assists for D Wade tying a career high for the 2nd time in the last 5 games
6 3’s made by Daequan Cook – both teams shot over 50% from distance (PHO 50% – MIA 56%)
17 Foot game winning jump shot hit by Pierce with 21 sec’s left in the game against the Nets to clinch a playoff spot
49.0 Seconds on the clock when Devin Harris had a chance to repeat his heroics to tie the game
6 Games missed by Kevin Garnett out with a BUM knee – Celtics record is 4-2 in those games
23 Points by Larry Hughes as he led the Knicks in scoring… WHAT!!
6 Players from each team scored in double figured as the Knicks (sans KryptoNate) beat the Hawks
3 Game win streak for the Thunder (first of the season) – all 3 wins coming with Durant sidelined.
150 Seconds of scoreless basketball for the Wizards to end the game as they lost to OKC by 5
1 DNP-CD casualty for fantasy owners as Don Nelson picked out of the hat and decided to sit Azubuike
47 Blocks for Tyrus Thomas as he continued his streak of 23 games with atleast 1 block which leads the NBA
56 Points scored by Duncan and Parker combined in a losing effort against the Mav’s
3 Teams wore special jersey’s tonight to celebrate “Latin Night” – Nueva York, Los Mavs & Los Spurs
34 Minutes played by Carlos Boozer tallying 20 pts, 17 rbs in his 5th game back
1:23 Left in the game when Yao Ming fouled out in a loss to the Jazz
31-91 The combined record of the Clippers and Grizzlies – ’nuff said!
2 Rebounds shy of a triple double – Marc Gasol! He had 20 Pts and 10 Assists in a blowout of the Clippers
10 Straight wins at the Rose Garden for the Blazers as it took a pair of clutch FT’s by ROY to get a win
9 Game losing streak against the Pacers was snapped by the Blazers as they won 107-105

Heard Last Night:

Shaq is on a tear on and off the court.
Victim #1 Chris Bosh – The RuPaul of big men.
Victim #2 Dwight Howard – Everything he does I have invented!
Victim #3 Stan Van Gundy – Bum.. Frontrunner… Flop…

“Stan Van Gundy reminds me of a broke navigational system. He knows everything about everything but ain’t never been nowhere. Think about that.” (read the rest here)

My LOTN Pick: Dallas Mavericks +6.5 over the New Orleans Hornets


2 responses to “Number Crunchin’ – How the “EAST” was won

  1. you think the addition of joe smith will make up for losing wallace?

    • yea definitely. Smith can shoot that short jumper that always helps, this move also helps the cavs on the offensive end where their spacing will improve not having to hide one person on that end. Smith is also a decent defender who will fill the role well come playoffs.

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