Number Crunchin’ – O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Brotherly Love

The back story of the Lakers v/s Grizzlies game will always be the more compelling one. Last night the Gasol brothers, who were traded for each other, met in a match up at Staples that was one we would rather forget. Pau with the finesse and Marc with the power, both have skill sets that spell success in the NBA, lets just hope marc has a better experience in Memphis than his older brother did. The Memphis Grizzlies are a young team and now that they have settled on Conley for their future point guard they have some nice pieces all young with a whole lot of upside. On a night when they played the best in the west they left it on the floor but came up short as most teams have v/s the Lakers this year.

The Night in numbers

12 Double double’s for Marc Gasol on the season – his brother had 35 in his rookie year en route to a Rookie of the year award
3 3’s made by the Nets in the last two minutes of their game, all by guys not named Vince Carter
22,076 Fans in attendance to welcome Billups back @ The Palace (video)
34 Points by Billups on his return to Auburn Hills in a loss playing without ‘Melo who was suspended by the team
41 minutes played by Nash in his return after a week off to rest his hurting ankle
21 more FT’s taken by the Magic than the Suns – Considering Dwight played only 30 min thats an oddity.
17 Shaq mouth guard appearances during the Magic game – still looks like a mouth full of gummy worms to me!
7 Stat-less minutes of floor time for Kwame Brown – Michael Jordan will never live that down in my books
11 3 pointers made by Indiana while Murphy keeps the hotness going as they took down the Kings at Arco
2 points for Odom with 13 rb and 8 assists – So erratic but every team would love an Odom on their roster
0 Field goals made by Brandon Rush in 20 min of play – College to NBA transition hasn’t been nice to him
16 Rebounds pulled down by Scola – 2 more than Bosh and Bargnani combined
24-15 Points and Rebounds Line but up by CV31 in a loss to the Nets (Charlie Villanueva’s twitter – @CV31)

Seen last night:

Very few can pull that off!!

I must admit I love the GP – CWEBB combo on NBATV. They have a Skeets – Tas type chemistry and keep it real for the most part. Webber last night decided to rock the all-star converse with his grey suit… WHAT! I don’t know if he was going for a look, comfort or just didn’t think it would make it on-air but either way did any of you catch that?
(Side Note: Is this the real Gary Payton?)

My LOTN Pick: Phoenix Suns +3.5 over the Miami Heat

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